YARN SYNDICATE LIMITED, the flagship company of the Patodia YSL Group, was incorporated on 23.05.1946 and commenced its business operations as dealers in all types of YARN soon thereafter. The late Shri Madan Lal Patodia was the founder & promoter of the company and he held the distinction and privilege of being the Chairman & Managing Director from the beginning to the date of his passing away in December 2008.

It was also through the efforts and the able guidance of Shri Madan Lal Patodia�s son, Shri Rajendra Kumar Patodia who was the company�s Managing Director from 1987 to his passing away on March 2011, that the Company became one of the pioneers to export all types of yarn, viz. cotton yarn, polyester cotton yarn, polyester viscose yarn, flax yarn, jute yarn, bamboo yarn, organic yarn etc. from India and in the more than four decades since, has become one of the leading exporters of cotton and other varieties of yarn in the country. The company has become one of the largest merchant exporters of cotton and other varieties of yarn and during the quota regime was one of the biggest quota holders of EEC countries. In the past many decades, the Company has constantly strived to get new customers while strengthening its business relations with existing customers/manufacturers. The company is committed to strictly maintaining the highest standards with respect to quality of products and delivery schedules to our customers. Since 1st April, 2011 the company is being managed by Smt. Sheela Patodia, Chairperson & Managing Director and Shri Rishiraj Patodia, the Joint Managing Director, the widow and son of Late Rajendra Kumar Patodia respectively.

The products the company is exporting are 100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester yarn, 100% viscose yarn, polyester textured yarn, jute yarn, and other types of yarn like flax yarn and raw cotton etc.

The company has bagged many leading exporter awards for its export performance over the decades as follows: -

  • For the years 1976-77 and 1978-79, leading Exporter awards from the Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council of India (Texprocil);
  • For the years 1984 to 1988 and 1990 to 1992 the highest Export Performance awards from Texprocil;
  • The National Export Award, the highest in the land for exports, for the year 1991-92 presented by His Excellency Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma,the then President of India.
  • Canara Bank�s outstanding Exporters� Award for the year 1992-93 given by Dr.C.Rangrajan, the then Governor of RBI ;
  • Export Excellence Award by the Calcutta Circle of Canara Bank for 1993-94 ;
  • Highest export performance gold trophy for 1995-96 from FIEO ;

The company is a Public Limited Company and its equity shares are listed with the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. The company has adopted a corporate governance policy and believes in ensuring transparency in all its operations and complies with various laws and regulations. At present, the Board of Directors of the company has 3 directors. Smt. Sheela Patodia, CMD, is in charge of the affairs of the company and she is ably assisted by Shri Rishiraj Patodia, Joint Managing Director. Shri Rishiraj Patodia joined the company as a Director in 2005 and since then he had been the Executive Director and is now the MD. In the many years with the company, he has gained considerable hands-on experience in the export business. The company has one independent director, Shri Kishorelal Beharilal Chhabria, who also Chairs all the Committees of the Company.

The company is a merchant exporter and trader and is fully involved in the export and trading of various types of yarn, raw cotton and fabrics and is committed to the further growth of its business operations in competitive international and domestic markets while always maintaining strong business relations with its existing clients. Being in the export and domestic trading business for many decades it has gathered many business contacts in this highly competitive line of business. At the same time, it continues to add new products to its export and domestic portfolio and to explore new markets for the export and trading of its products.

Under the captaincy of our young Jt.MD, Sri Rishi Raj Patodia who is very much dashing and can take business risks, the Company is looking forward to do a remarkable turnover in the years coming ahead.